Draco Drilling & Spacing Unit (DSU) Map

This map depicts the existing oil & gas infrastructure in and around the proposed drilling and spacing unit (DSU) for the Draco Oil and Gas Development Plan (OGPD). The well pad for the proposed 26 wells is several miles east of the DSU, just north of the Crestone Hub at CR 6 and CR 7 in unincorporated Weld County.

It was compiled by Christiaan van Woudenberg of the Erie Protectors using GIS data downloaded from the Colorado Energy & Carbon Management Commission (ECMC) web site at https://ecmc.state.co.us/ on February 27, 2024. Other geographic data was sourced from OpenStreetMaps.

In its Form 2A application materials to the ECMC, Extraction Oil & Gas identified 19 affected locations with 24 wells in and around the DSU, identified with red dashed circles in this map. These locations have one or more wells in production or shut-in, i.e. they have not yet been plugged and abandoned and are at greater risk for interference from the Draco wellbores.

Each well is labeled with its name and status, its maximum wellbore depth, and its spud date, i.e. when the well was drilled.

View/download a raster version of the Draco Drilling & Spacing Unit (DSU) Map.

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