Why I am an Activist

This article is reprinted from the Holiday 2017 issue of Elife.

ac·tiv·ist noun /ˈæk.tə.vɪst/a person who believes strongly in political or social change and takes part in activities such as public protests to try to make this happen [1]http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/activist

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1. http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/activist

Erie neighbors concerned about new gas pipeline close to homes

Once again, Jennifer Kovaleski from 7News is in Vista Ridge to talk about fracking. This time, it’s the raw natural gas gathering lines being installed within 100 ft of existing homes by Anadarko Petroleum. Once they start building units in the Red Tail Ranch development, homes will be even closer to this line.

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Erie neighbors host demonstration in front of nearby fracking site

The Erie Protectors hosted a community photo shoot to replicate a photo taken by concerned community members in December 2014 to protest Crestone Peak Resources’ activities at the Waste Connections and Pratt sites just north of Vista Ridge in Erie, Colorado. We had a wonderful morning meeting like-minded neighbors opposed to oil & gas activities in our neighborhoods.

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Ritter, Romer should encourage renewables, not fracking

Fort Collins resident Kim Miller writes:

Fracking is not good for Colorado. Even with its tough regulations Colorado has experienced earthquakes, a house explosion and continually poor air quality due to fracking and its waste water disposal.

Read the full article at http://www.dailycamera.com/letters/ci_31321776/kim-miller-ritter-romer-should-encourage-renewables-not , and check out the numerous links she’s included to other resources and newsworthy items.