New Bills in the Colorado Legislature

The following climate-related bills have been introduced in the Colorado Legislature for the Spring 2024 term:

  • HB24-1330: Air Quality Permitting
    Concerning modifications of processes to obtain permits for activities that impact air quality. This bill closes a loophole where oil & gas operators can currently apply for an air quality permit for each emitting source instead of considering the cumulative impact of all the infrastructure at a single pad.
  • SB24-159: Mod to Energy & Carbon Management Processes
    Concerning modifications to processes to further protect public health in energy and carbon management. This bill would phase out permitting for new oil & gas wells by 2030, and is scheduled to be heard in the Agriculture & Natural Resources committee on March 14th, 2024. See this fact sheet for more information.
  • SB24-165: Air Quality Improvements
    Concerning measures to reduce emissions of air pollutants that negatively impact air quality. This bill would limit nitrogen oxide emissions (a major contributor to our regional ozone problems), up to and including a prohibition on oil & gas preproduction activities during ozone season.
  • SB24-166: Air Quality Enforcement
    Concerning measures to increase the enforcement of violations that impact the environment. This bill increases the fines and penalties for repeat air quality violators.

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