ECMC Complaints Analysis

As complicated and difficult as it can be to submit a complaint to the ECMC (fka COGCC) about an air quality, noise, or odor issue at an oil and gas facility in Colorado, the number of complaints lodged with any location is a good measure of the negative impact that oil & gas exploration has in our neighborhoods. With data obtained from the ECMC, here’s a data table showing the sites that logged more than 20 complaints of any kind since 2010.

Download a PDF Version

We’ve created a PDF version for downloading, printing, and sharing. If you’re sharing online, please credit the Erie Protectors and include a link to this page.

Notes and Observations

Some notes and observations about the data that caught our attention:

  • The metrics listed here are for a copy of the complaints database downloaded on January 24, 2024 containing 6,236 records.
  • 1381 complaints were filed against 6 of the facilities (Waste Connections, Pratt, Woolley-Sosa-Becky, Coyote Trails, Mae J, and Papa Jo) located entirely within, or within 2,000 ft of Erie, Colorado.
  • By this measure, the Town of Erie is the most directly impacted community in Colorado.
  • Of the 6,236 complaints, 109 resulted in a Notice of Alleged Violation (NOAV), or about 1.75% of the time. Most often, this was for spills (23) or odor (10).
  • Crestone Peak Resources leads the way with 1,268 complaints, mostly for those lodged against operations at the Waste Connections, Pratt, and Woolley-Sosa-Beckey facilities.
  • Extraction Oil & Gas isn’t far behind with 842 complaints, mostly for issues at the Livingston (172), Coyote Trails (123), and Interchange A & B (88) pads.

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