How much water does fracking use?

Recently, we stumbled upon FracFocus, an additional resource linked from the COGCC complaint site. FracFocus allows the public to view “Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Product Component Information Disclosure” documents that include some summary information for each well, as well as a detailed chemical composition of the fluids injected at each well head. We ran the numbers for Waste Connections and Pratt, and came up with a single catastrophic statistic: 160,349,639 gallons of water.

Let’s say that again, slowly:

Crestone Peak Resources has used one hundred sixty million, three hundred forty-nine thousand, six hundred and thirty nine gallons of water to drill 13 wells on two pads in Erie, Colorado.

Source data may be downloaded from this zip archive, or queried from the FracFocus web site directly. There’s even a CSV download of their entire database (warning, it’s a 200MB file).

Want to know more about what’s in fracking fluid? See this EPA report (PDF) for details on their chemical composition.

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