Erie goes further than the state to prevent another Firestone tragedy

On Tuesday, September 12, the Erie town trustees passed an ordinance requiring oil & gas companies to provide maps of all new and existing oil and gas pipelines in the town by October 2018.

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From the town’s web site:

During Tuesday night’s meeting, the Board of Trustees approved on second reading an amendment to Title 10 of the Town of Erie Municipal Code. The proposed amendment would require the operators of oil and gas flowlines and subsurface facilities to submit maps and other relevant information for flowlines and subsurface facilities located within the municipal limits of the Town.

Specifically, operators of oil and gas operations existing prior to October 31, 2017 are required to submit to the Town Administrator by December 31, 2017 information regarding existing oil and gas flowlines and all other subsurface facilities installed or acquired, owned, or operated by the operator within Town limits. Information includes but is not limited to: a map including GPS location of the existing flowlines; a copy of notices of abandonment; and a plan for removing abandoned flowlines or other subsurface facilities where such removal is practicable.

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