Welcome to Erie Protectors! Thank you for visiting, we’ve created this resource to keep you informed about oil & gas activities in Erie, Colorado, and how residents are organizing to protect our town from their adverse effects.

There are a number of different ways to get involved, depending on your level of interest/commitment.

For More Information

If you’re just getting up to speed on fracking in and around Erie:

Once you’ve done these things, perhaps the most important thing you can do afterwards is ask one more person to do the same. Our community needs all its residents to be informed and aware.

Direct Action

If you’re ready to contribute and take a more active role:

Colorado Rising

The Erie Protectors are proud to stand with Colorado State Senator Matt Jones, Colorado House District 12 Representative Mike Foote, Erie Trustee candidate Christiaan van Woudenberg, and many others to officially endorse the efforts of Colorado Rising on a “2018 statewide ballot initiative petition to protect public health and safety from fracking by establishing 2,500 ft. buffer zones between oil and gas operations and occupied buildings such as homes and schools and other vulnerable areas such as water sources and playgrounds.”

Our statement of endorsement:

Given oil & gas operators are exempt from many federal laws and the COGCC exists only to rubber-stamp their activities, it is the duty of the people to rally in opposition to the onslaught of this industrial activity in our neighborhoods and on the environment. This measure is a meaningful step forward to protect the health and safety of the people of Colorado and the legacy we leave our children.

— Christiaan van Woudenberg, Editor-in-Chief, Erie Protectors.

Take the pledge to sign this ballot initiative petition once it is released!

Filing a Complaint

Keep a Log

Keeping a complaint log is important. Note the date & time, temperature, wind direction & speed, and relative humidity from a nearby weather station such as those available on Weather Underground.

Identifying Your Facility

You’re probably wanting to complain about one of these active sites in Erie, note the Facility ID.

  • Coyote Trails — Facility ID: 319094
  • Papa Jo / Schumaker — Facility ID: 452217
  • Woolley Becky Sosa — Facility ID: 305447
  • Morgan Hills — Facility ID: 446290
  • Waste Connections — Facility ID: 434375
  • Pratt — Facility ID: 434526
  • Pratt Temporary Completion Area — Facility ID: 450929
  • Vessels Minerals — Facility ID: 335664

Odor Complaints

  1. Call the Erie Police non-emergency number at 303-441-4444 and give them the above information.
  2. If you believe the odor is coming from the Front Range Landfill, contact Randy Tourville, District Manager at randyto@wcnx.org or 405-694-9727.
  3. If you believe the odor is oil & gas related, review the instructions at http://cogcc.state.co.us/complaints.html#/complaints and file your complaint by following the “File your complaint HERE” link.
  4. Contact the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) at 303-389-1687 or visit http://www.colorado.gov/OGhealth. Make sure you note the exact place that you smelled the odor (not necessarily your home address).

Noise Complaints

  1. Review the instructions at http://cogcc.state.co.us/complaints.html#/complaints and file your complaint by following the “File your complaint HERE” link.

Health Issues

  1. To report your nausea and migraines, etc., visit
    https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/oghealth/concern .
  2. Visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for more information.

In All Cases

  1. Contact everyone who will listen. From our Making Yourself Heard page, contact all of the listed government and industry representatives.
  2. Share your plight on social media. Tag @ErieProtectors on Twitter. Use the #nodrillsnopipelines hashtag.
  3. Join the Erie Community O&G Monitoring group on Facebook.
  4. Like the Erie Protectors page on Facebook.

Making Yourself Heard

We understand how frustrating it is to file dozens of complaints with the COGCC only to have a representative state that the operators are working within legal limits. What else can you do?

Here’s a growing list of representatives in government and industry to contact. Most often, a phone call is the most meaningful way to reach out.

If you receive any sincere response from any of these representatives, we’d like to know!

Government Contacts

Local: Town of Erie

  • Send an email to the Erie Board of Trustees at bot@erieco.gov.
  • Call each of the trustees and leave them a voicemail. Detailed contact information is available on the Town of Erie website.

County: Weld County

Contact Barbara Kirkmeyer, Weld County District 3 County Commissioner at bkirkmeyer@weldgov.com or (970) 336-7204. Also see her website.

State of Colorado

For those living in Erie, it’s most likely that these are your House and Senate representatives, respectively. You may wish to confirm by using this tool.

Industry Contacts

Main Office
1120 Lincoln Street, Suite 801
Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: 303-894-2100 Fax: 303-894-2109
Head of COGCC: Matt.Lepore@state.co.us


Crestone Peak Resources

Extraction Oil & Gas


Erie Protectors are a group of concerned residents of Erie, Colorado intent on protecting our families, our neighborhoods, and our town from the negative impacts of oil & gas development.